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Global business has transitioned from a traditional brick-and-mortar model to a digital one with the advancement of technology. Furthermore, top-notch companies prefer to have a robust business model wherein the output of their business remains accurate even during fluctuations or variations in the market. Even though the world has already witnessed exceptional trends in business model design, the following significant trends are worth investing in. Companies like TRD studios cater to an organization’s business model needs and have been helping different companies deliver their products with exceptional quality. 

Five Business model design trends 

As mentioned earlier, business model design has witnessed a significant transformation and progression with changing faces. So let us see some of the business model design examples in detail and understand how the global industry has evolved over the years with the help of companies like TRD studios. 

  • Virtualization

Virtualization is one of the most critical trends in the business model design world. With the advancement in global networking and workspaces, the virtual workspace has become the new normal. Zoom and Skype meetings have become common. And remote work has taken over everyday face-to-face workspaces. Zoom, Miro, Microsoft teams, and Mural are examples of this model that have been the most successful year for the virtual world of business. The pandemic created an opening for virtual meetings.

  • Subscription 

Another type of business model design is the subscription. Here, the customer pays an amount monthly or annually to access or get the service or product. This is sort of a tradition of most companies to gain more viewership. Furthermore, it creates a mutual profit margin. On one side, the customer enjoys the user benefits; on the other, the companies generate steadier income. And one of the advantages of the subscription business model is that you need not buy entertainment or shopping. This business model includes Spotify, Netflix, Apple, Shopify, etc.


  • Orchestrator

The Orchestrator business model is the next best trend in business model design. In this model, the companies have a mutual partnership and work together as equals to create a wide range of services that a single company couldn’t provide. The main challenge in this type of business model is to master the orchestration of all expertise. One of the examples of the orchestrator business model is the partnership of Helvetia and the University of St. Gallen. They jointly formed a business ecosystem called “Home.” Sony enterprises partnered with companies like Bosch, NVidia, and Continental to develop spare parts for the electric car. So, on the whole, this business model has changed the face and meaning of mutual partnership. 

  • Dematerialization

The next type of trend in business model design is dematerialization. This trend aims to reduce the use of materials needed for creating products and lessen the use of resources for production and logistics. Dematerialization has helped the business world make a better environment with household cleaning solutions and reducing plastics and other non-degradable materials. This business model trend has given importance to recycling products, thereby generating a reasonable income for the company. Examples of dematerialization are Blue land, Adidas, Evoware, and Skipping rock lab. The result of the constant efforts of this model is to create an environment-friendly business atmosphere around the globe. 

  • Localizations

The localization trend in business model design has helped companies save the exhaustion of resources, use the available local resources, and save energy. With the coming of the pandemic, the world has understood the importance of protecting mother nature’s power. And most companies have developed indoor businesses and gone beyond the traditional business models. For instance, In Farm, an urban farming company has helped create indoor or remote farming units in the Vegetable section of supermarkets. The pandemic has encouraged many businesses to come on board with using local resources for income generation. 


To conclude, the global business model design keeps changing with the country’s economic situation. One example is the 2021 pandemic hitting the globalization of the world. It has helped millions of business establishments go ahead with the significant changing trends and adapt. And we can say that the future of the world business model design rests on following the meaningful directions mentioned above. The companies will constantly depend on the services of companies like TRD studios to improve the quality of their business and provide a simplified user experience. 

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