Ad agencies returning to normalcy

Since it has come into existence, COVID-19 derailed all the operations of ad agencies. Ad agencies all over the world witnessed step downs in the incomes. After 40 days of total shutdown, ad agencies are trying to get back to normalcy in all possible ways- a bit of a tedious task, but not an impossible one. 

Slowly and gradually, most of the companies are returning back to the usual course of action with available resources. For example, Cheil India has returned back to operations with a minimum possible number of its staff.

Whereas, other agencies such as FCB and Dentsu network are planning to get back on the track in the coming weeks. The companies are following all the safety measures and are ensuring that their work-method is in compliance with the government norms. 

Strategically getting back on the track:

The companies have to follow a definite and full proof strategy in order to ensure the health and hygiene of their staff as well as their office premises. In order to boost the confidence of the staff and the workforce, senior leaders of the companies are thinking of working from office. This will, in some way or the other, inspire the fellow employees to come to office in order to resume the work. 

Also, another strategy that has been decided on the part of government is the role of attendance. The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued strict guidelines regarding attendance in the companies. The guidelines state that no company can call more than 33% of their employees on a particular day. This implies that a company’s attendance shall not be more than 33%.

The standard operating procedures issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs also states that the companies should undertake all ways of sanitisation of the office premises as well as each of the employees must use a hand sanitizer at regular intervals. 

The standard operating procedures also mention that each company shall provide the means for thermal screening of its employees before allowing them to enter the premises. Moreover, a separate area should be reserved in the office for those employees who tend to show Covid-19 symptoms.

What do the senior leaders say on getting back to normalcy:

The head of human resources of CHEIL INDIA has said that it is permitting only 25% of its employees to come to the office. The head, Saraswati Sinha, has affirmed that all the employees who hold critical positions and top leadership posts in the company, and who reside in the vicinity of the office, have resumed their work. She also mentioned in a statement given by her, that all the sanitisation processes are duly being undertaken with proper guidance.

Rohit Rohri, CEO and Group Chairman, also affirmed that all the guidelines regarding hygiene and sanitisation are being strictly adhered to.

Getting back to normalcy will surely take some time but eventually the things will get back to normal. At this time, we should focus on turning the problems into an opportunity. Ad agencies are surely abiding by this principle.

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