Reshmi Bhattacharjee

Interaction Design Trends 2021

Interaction design trends focus on creating aesthetic qualities for the users. All these popular trends might change from year to year, but there are some which are trending for years and might even stay for a longer period because of the convenience that it’s giving to the users. Communication between humans and machines should be understood as it is designed by keeping in mind how interactions would happen or what is happening or how the end-users use the application.

Interaction Design for different Interface

The interface design has gained immense importance. The emerging of new products and services has made interaction between the end-user and the interface easy by interaction design. Interaction design is a visual representation. How to design each element is there right in front of us. It focuses on making life simpler and easier.

Brand Archetypes- A Journey

The brand archetype has become a widely recognized figure or scenario that traverses time, location, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and age. This signifies an everlasting reality rather than simply a clichéd embodiment; a guiding principle rather than a final endpoint as well as a company’s cornerstone rather than its promotional personalities. By utilizing Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s thesis suggesting people have quite a natural inclination to utilize symbols to comprehend things in the promotional and brand management business.

TOP 8 Digital Marketing Trends Of 2021 

Advertising methods have hand in hand moved with the process of evolution in Digital Marketing. The current situation of the global pandemic has accelerated the process of Digital Marketing. Buying and selling of products are done with a couple of clicks. All these Digital Marketing strategies and techniques are competing for their position in the lists of trends in 2021. Let’s go into detail about the top Digital Marketing trends of 2021.

XD Neuromarketing

Experience Design at the heart of the (grey) matter

Post Views: 236 With the advent of the experience economy, every brand out there is trying to make their mark on their consumers’ minds by designing and providing impactful experiences. However, though the majority of brands are trying to achieve customer loyalty and brand recall through experience design, some disturbing trends came to light in …

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CX and Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing: Connecting Emotions and CX

Post Views: 336 The COVID-19 pandemic has not only brought a shift in customer preference, it has also forever transformed the current experience economy into values and emotions economy. At a time like this, neuroscience in customer experience can help us draw insights and shape customer experience to decrease the gap. Experience Gap A research …

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