COVID-19 Pandemic

Tips for surviving the business amid covid

Tips For Surviving The Business Amid Coronavirus

Post Views: 337 SARS-COV-2 or the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus is a virus that has wrecked Earth since it was discovered in three people suffering from pneumonia in China’s Wuhan. This incredibly infectious virus has claimed the lives of at least 32 lakh people, with almost 4000 people dying in our own country, India, …

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social impact

Joining hands with the Social Entrepreneurs

Do you know about the Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs? The COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs is an exceptionally coordinated effort between over 40 global firms to extend support towards social entrepreneurs in blending information, experience and reactions to relieve endurance and promote transformation for progressively comprehensive, impartial and economical world.


Fighting COVID-19, the tech-savvy way

Post Views: 314 The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a destruction of lives and livelihood. While the whole world is reeling from the effects of the crisis, the pandemic is sparking a flurry of low-cost but hi-tech innovations. From testing kits to portable ventilators, sanitizer-drones to portable fever detection systems, institutes and startups are …

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Marketing during Coronavirus Pandemic

Post Views: 186 It’s been more than a month now since the coronavirus has turned our lives upside down. From having to practice social distancing and being caged in our homes to continually sanitizing our hands, wearing masks and still seeing loved ones get sick, the coronavirus brought about a monumental, unprecedented change in how …

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