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People often get confused between marketing and branding and assume they are the same. If you want to start your own business or hope to strengthen your brand awareness, TRD Studios can help you with your branding and packaging needs. If expanding your brand recognition and growing your customer base is essential to you, keep reading, and let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the relationship between branding and marketing.

How branding and packaging influence marketing 

The concept of branding and packaging can be traced back to the medieval period. However, over the years, the packaging and branding of a product have evolved. It has become essential to brand a product and package it so that the impression of the product will last for years to come. The branding of a product represents the company and certifies the quality of its product. On the other hand, the packaging enables your product to reach the audience through its physical appearance.

Now that we have seen how branding and packaging influence marketing, here are the reasons why branding and packaging in marketing:

  • Helps send the message across

 Branding of your product helps in reaching the audience through their logos. However, it goes beyond the symbols—the branding of your product benefits in sending the essence of your product to the commercial marketplace. For instance, when you think of Mc Donalds, the first thing that comes to your mind is the red and yellow color scheme. Thus, branding is one of the significant components of marketing. 

  • Packaging is the extension of branding

The packaging of a product should be so that it compliments the logo and message the company wants to send. The packaging of different products give away different messages. For example, the packaging of the Apple iPhone is simple and elegant and intends to send the viewers the message of simplicity and elegance through their unique packaging inside out.

  • Helps in facilitating customers’ buying decisions.

One of the most important perks of branding and packaging your product is facilitating the customers’ buying decisions. The more unique and creative your packaging and branding, the more attractive and catchy the product will be to the audience. Once the product is finally set in people’s minds, they tend to get more of them. Thus, packaging and branding are crucial factors in facilitating customers’ buying decisions. 

  • Makes your product identifiable

Your brand needs to be identified in the highly competitive market. Branding packaging and branding is the optimum way to identify your product. Especially if your product is exciting and attractive to the audience. So ensure that you focus on your branding and packaging with utmost attention to every detail. This will help you promote your product and reach the chords of the audience’s thoughts. Starbucks is the best example for the most creative branding and packaging. 

  • Positive reputation in the commercial market

It is pretty hard to build a positive reputation in a very competitive commercial marketing world. But if you opt for the correct branding and packaging strategy, you can create a successful reputation. Top brands like Coca-cola, Yahoo, Google, etc., are some of the best examples of how branding and packaging have helped build a positive reputation amongst the immense competition. 

  • Encouraging customers

The design of your packaging plays a vital role in encouraging your customers to get the product. Especially if the information on the packaging is fascinating and informative. For example, the Lipton tea packaging design is very intriguing and informative and many people have bought the brand by liking the product packaging. 

  • Gaining customer loyalty

Branding and packaging of a product also help in gaining customer loyalty. By doing so, the brands like Samsung, Apple, etc., have built loyal customers over the years. It gives efficiency in promoting your brand in the commercial market. 

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Overall, branding and packaging are two fundamental pillars of marketing. Both are interconnected with each other and help customers gain trust.

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