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Service design focuses on desirability - designing services, systems, and processes to deliver an excellent customer experience. It's all about building products and services that people want. The Business Designers at TRD Studios search for data to quantify the business opportunity and its expected growth prospects.

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Work Process


The Discover stage is where we take a deep dive into your business structure.



We find the root cause, articulate our findings and Define the challenges.



We Design solutions to address the business opportunities and challenges defined.



Develop a custom-designed solution to make your business more efficient.



We Deploy a system that doesn't just solve the problem but mitigates it.

Business Model

With the growth in the complexity of the business environment, companies need to model and quantitatively analyze their operations to help identify potential performance drivers, evaluate opportunities and risks, and make better informed financial and strategic decisions. We have extensive consulting and industry experience performing in-depth operational and financial analyses, creating models, and developing financial projections that can benefit clients in various situations.

Product life cycle management

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) lets businesses/brands easily connect processes, people, and data across the product life cycle. Businesses implementing PLM realize increased profitability, sustained growth, and better quality products. We leverage extensive knowledge to gain best practices for product development and help your company reach higher productivity. We assess your current environment to craft a personalized, comprehensive implementation plan.

Investment Planning and ROI

We evaluate potential investments for your business and help you determine a steady source of income. We map the revenue streams and conduct expense mapping for five years. We provide ROI mapping to help you assess your investment and help you secure it with our vast network.

Project Evaluation and Feasibility

We evaluate your project and check its feasibility with the target market. We thoroughly review your project against multiple parameters and conduct extensive market research to check the compatibility of product/service within the market.

Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is a visual document that provides investors with essential information about your business plan, product or services, fundraising needs, and key metrics such as valuation, target market, and financial goals. Crafting a deck that stands out requires a meaningful design and a story that reflects the vision. We make sure your company leaves the best impression by preparing a well-researched, clean and qualitative pitch deck. This will ensure you have an easy-to-understand way of representing your company to investors/VCs.

Detailed Project Report

Our detailed project report service provides statistical data and figures to show the business plan's effectiveness and points out any discrepancies that need to be addressed. A DPR is a basic document for planning & implementating the project. A DPR helps manage scope, cost, procurement, schedule & risk and helps identify interventions required for people, process, technology, and performance. It also helps to get an initial idea of projected cash flows, risks, and strategies the organization would take to achieve its objectives.


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