Less Known Facts About Bad UX Design

The success of a product or website majorly depends on customers due to which it is necessary to create a good UX design or user experience design. Creating UX designs ensure maximum satisfaction which directly affects a company’s sales and profits. Hence, it is necessary to make use of a good UX/UI design company to create sites that are user-friendly. 

Importance Of UX Design

User Experience or UX design provides users with relevant and useful designs. Adopting UX designs ensures that your site or product displays value to customers and hence increases brand loyalty. 

UX designs also help in eradicating errors and mistakes to provide better results and productivity. Better user experience guarantees increased conversions, making UX a great business tool.

Less Known Facts About Bad UX Design

A bad user experience design can not only be a negative marketing tool but can also affect your business in other aspects. Listed below are lesser-known facts about bad UX.

  • Decreases Search Engine Visibility 

A high search engine rank often leads to increased customers. Having a poor UX can hinder your website from ranking high on search engines. Google and other such platforms generally tend to promote sites that showcase better user experience design and hence a bad UX can decrease your SEO.

  • Negative Brand Image

People surf through various websites in a day and hence if they experience bad UX at your site when compared to other websites, they will have a negative perspective towards your brand. This will lead to an increase of negative reviews that in turn put off new customers from visiting your website. 

  • Website Desertion 

Bad UX most generally causes people to abandon websites without completing their desired action or purchase. A poor experience design decreases a website’s click-through rates which in turn massively affects a brand’s value. 

  • Decline In Sales

The internet is filled with different sites that offer similar products. So when the user’s come across websites that have bad experience designs, they tend to abandon them and favor easily operable websites. This affects sales and hinders a brand’s market growth.

Causes Of Bad UX Design

In order to solve a problem, you first need to identify it. We have listed down the most common causes of bad UX designs to help you dodge them and create a good experience design. 

  • Clustered and Overcrowded 

Websites that cluster information and icons without leaving much space to breathe, display an overcrowded view that is visually unappealing. The website needs to display an attractive design in order to capture a user’s attention. 

  • Slow Loading

As internet speed has increased, people’s patience has declined. People now require answers as fast as possible, and the lack of speed often causes them to click away from the website. A slow-loading website is often considered to be nonfunctional and results in website abandonment. 

  • Complex Procedure 

A good UX design ensures an easy and simple experience from the viewing to purchasing of a product. Using complex procedures like captcha and unnecessary information inclusion is a turn-off for users.

  • Lack Of Directions

A website needs to direct users towards the steps regarding viewership and purchase. Websites with a lack of directions cause the user’s to be stuck on pages without knowledge of further actions to be taken. This causes users to leave the site.

  • No User Engagement 

Customers need a platform to interact and engage with the brand in order to enhance their trust in the brand. A user engagement platform also provides an area for customers to clear their doubts or complaints. Good user engagement creates deeper bonds with customers and ensures brand loyalty. 


UX designing is a key element of e-commerce or online marketing that is often not paid attention to. It is a cheap but efficient way of ensuring maximum results. Research has proven that bad UX designs directly affect a brand’s performance and decrease its customer base. Hence it is necessary to invest in good UX design services to ensure that your website experiences maximum click-through rates and provides the best customer experience

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