Digital Marketing Trends

The digital world has evolved rapidly, becoming stronger with each passing day.

Advertising methods have hand in hand moved with the process of evolution in Digital Marketing. The current situation of the global pandemic has accelerated the process of Digital Marketing. Buying and selling of products are done with a couple of clicks. All these Digital Marketing strategies and techniques are competing for their position in the lists of trends in 2021. Let’s go into detail about the top Digital Marketing trends of 2021.


A painting caught your eyes? What about the mesmerizing depth of meaning?? Isn’t it tough to search the painting’s information with just the artist’s name???

Do not fret! The visual search engine makes it easy to just insert the image and get all the information required. Finding any products is easy now. Just insert the picture, all the similar products appear in front of you like magic. Top visual search categories are Fashion, Home Decor, Art, Food Products, Outfits, Beauty, Vehicles.  Finding similar products and where to buy them sounds interesting, doesn’t it? We can use a barcode to find information about a product, get a summary, and read reviews of books. You can also take a picture of a movie poster and will show you movie information, trailers, showtimes, and local theatres. There are over 600 million visual searches in  2021 and beyond. Companies like Pinterest Lens kissed the first position of most used visual search engine in 2021 followed by Amazon, Google Lens, and many more. The customer journey will be more flexible and unpredictable, as it needs to respond to rapid changes in consumer desires.


Artificial Intelligence is becoming a vital part of business and industry in these years. It’s used in many fields like communication, recommendations of products or services, Email personalization, E-commerce, Content creation, etc. There is no surprise as to why Artificial Intelligence is adopted by all. AI analyzes consumer behavior and search patterns and uses data from social media platforms and blog posts to help businesses to have a clear picture of how customers find their products and services. AI is the superhero among Digital Marketing trends. Prodigious companies like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud used Artificial Intelligence and have discerned tremendous growth of their companies. AI is the superhero among digital marketing trends.


Chatbots have paved the way into Digital Marketing, making it comfortable to chat with anyone at any time from anywhere. It has made its own place in the list of trends of Digital Marketing. Providing 24/7 customer service, making it easier to be in touch with current and prospective customers, answering the customers’ questions without any delay. It does not irritate people as virtual answers are instant without having a lag. While some people find chatbots to be creepy, it’s still one of the digital marketing trends. Companies like Google Dialog Flow, Gupshup, IBM Watson Conversation Service make use of chatbots effectively. 


Isn’t it difficult to read a product review on smartphones? Just imagine a video being made with the very same information. Helpful, isn’t it?

Video marketing is one of the most important digital marketing trends today and would still have the same position in the future. Video marketing is a secret behind the rapid growth of many companies. Companies that top the best video marketing list are Infographic World, Prosper Digital TV, Upgrade pictures in 2021. Watching product videos, pursuing customers into online purchasing. Many applications including youtube have emerged as a platform for marketing as you can make a video post or go for live broadcast on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.


How can a person influence others on what to buy and what not to?

Rewind to the recent incident of Ronaldo and coca-cola.That’s how this trend works!

Oh! the guy with 100 million followers used that product, then why not me?

Isn’t it the thought that first strikes you? The advantages they point out are exactly what influencer marketing is all about. He makes a video of using the product and it reaches millions of followers within minutes. The question might pop up as to who can be an influencer. Any celebrity, bloggers on youtube, Instagram, or any other social media with a larger number of followers are most likely to be chosen as influencers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande, Dwayne Johnson, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian is among the influencers. Many surveys have proven that 60 and more people trust these influencers.


Alexa, are you real? 

Siri, sing me a song!

Voice search makes it easy and fast to search for information rather than typing lengthy questions. Studies show that 25% of 6 to 25 years old use voice search. The production of smart speakers in itself shows how much it’s trending and helps in digital marketing. For some users, it has become routine to use voice search. People might be using voice search for more in the future. Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri are some examples of voice search and smart speakers. Voice search plays an important role in providing all the information that people are searching for via audio content. Many brands have already included voice search in their digital marketing strategies 


Snapchat was the first social media company that came up with the idea of adding stories followed by  Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Linked In, and YouTube. It’s the easiest way of increasing brand awareness. The greater the number of followers the wider the reach.

Lionel Messi adding stories in Instagram, of products that he uses is the best example for social media stories. Adding a story to social media creates an opportunity to reach younger audiences and pursue them. Using polls, links, location tags, hashtags, ‘@’ tags, and going live help in digital marketing.


Neuromarketing is an expensive approach even today. It requires advanced tools and technology. Collecting information and conducting surveys on how the target audience would respond to a product is the first step involved in organizations advertising a product. Neuromarketing brings together principles of psychology and neuroscience to determine which types of content they find engaging. It creates a platform to learn how the audience responds, what factors might lead them to purchase a product. Frito-Lay, Cheetos, Hyundai, etc use Neuromarketing. Many leading companies use this method for digital marketing. There is no doubt as to why it’s one of the digital marketing trends of 2021.


Digital Marketing has created a new era of development in the marketing field. Just look back and realize how digital marketing trends have driven us into the future. Marketing strategies blended with human psychology have brought a major change into this field of marketing. Companies around the world have a clear vision to change the face of the world with the strength of Artificial Intelligence in the upcoming years creating a new digital world!

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