UX Design In HealthCare Industry

The healthcare industry has witnessed a significant change with the inclusion of technology in the field. The introduction of fitness gadgets, healthcare apps, and chatbots has helped make healthcare an easily accessible concept. People now book appointments and consult doctors or medical professionals through websites, and hence it is necessary to create a good UX (user experience) design in healthCare Industry. A UX design will help make visiting your website a comfortable and easily operable process for patients, encouraging them to become regular customers. 

Importance Of UX Design in the Healthcare Industry 

Today, people are heavily dependent on the internet to make decisions regarding everything, including healthcare. Your website is an official representation of your company. Having a bad UX design will give users a negative impression, implying that your services might also be bad. Hence, it is necessary to invest in creating a good user experience design. 

By making a website with a good UX design, you ensure that your users can follow a smooth and worry-free consultancy. This improves your brand awareness and also increases loyalty. Listed below are a few benefits of using a good UX design. 

  • Improve communication 

A good UX design will not only attract customers but also help increase effective communication with them. Usage of simple terms and conveyance of different services offered will help provide users with useful information. Visuals also help break lingual barriers, creating a universal website that is open to all.

  • Personalize Services 

It is common knowledge that searching symptoms up online often results in revelations of false and exaggerated diseases. By making a user experience design, you can help your customers provide personalized services by tackling their concerns and queries on one. This will help provide better recommendations and give the user a satisfying experience. 

  • Improve Accessibility 

While healthcare concern has increased, the COVID-19 pandemic has made people cautious of hospitals and clinics. Through mobile applications and websites, people can now access healthcare anywhere and at any time. Creating user experience designs will improve conversions and increase profits. 

Tips To Improve UX  Design In Healthcare Industry

As technology has developed, new tools and programs have been introduced that help creates user-friendly UX designs, an easy task in the healthcare industry. 

Below are a few ways to use UX in the industry.

  • Simplicity Is The Key 

Users are put off by pages that display crowded information or content. This causes confusion and uncertainty among the customers. Hence include the only necessary information and keep the page simple.

  • Avoid Medical Jargon

The people visiting your page are not medical professionals and hence are not aware of medical jargon or terms. It also makes use of laymen’s terms to help them understand the information presented in a better way.

  • Use Chatbots

Making use of chatbots enables your application to be available 24/7. This increases user accessibility that will help in creating a loyal customer base. Chatbots use AI technology and previous data to present responses that are best suitable for the user.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, there has been an increase in healthcare applications in the industry. Apps help provide personalized information without leaving the comfort of one’s home. They are a viable option for people suffering from mild diseases or queries during the current pandemic situation to quell their doubts. A few healthcare applications with good UX designs are:

  • Your. MD

Your.MD is a health guide application that also helps in keeping track of self-care. The key highlight of this app is using chatbots to provide detailed and relevant information to the user. It displays attractive legibility as well as a simple navigation system that helps provide user experience design. 

  • Medisafe

This app helps remind people regarding medications. Patients and caregivers mainly use them to consume medications on time. The app provides detailed information during reminders, which is useful as medication can be often forgotten. The app also allows users to customize their pill color and shape, making it easy for them to recognize the medicine needed to be ingested. 

  • Jinga Life

Jinga Life is an app that connects and improves communication between patients and caregivers. It helps keep track of appointments, pill prescriptions, and changing symptoms, making it an easy tracker. 

A good user experience design helps improve your performance and popularity. It makes healthcare a better experience for users by providing necessary information and services. So invest in a good UX design company to improve your website and create a better platform for your users. 


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