Recent examples of Modern web app design in 2022

Web design has always been evolving with new trends and updates. It has come a long way since the early days of the internet. However, there has been a need for new inspirations and examples for the web app design to stay updated. TRD studios are providing award-winning web design services and have been helping various companies with their website development. Web design trends have evolved over the years and have helped in changing the outlook of the websites of various companies. Before we dive into the recent examples of web designs, let us learn the essentials of web design.

Essential components required for a great web design

For a web app design to be successful, there are certain essential components that we need to learn. The user interface, content and usability are some of the essential components required for a web design to be outstanding. The website should be mobile-friendly with creative content that can be accessed by anybody, anywhere, and anytime. 

Thus, the components of the web-app design play a crucial role in building a great website wherein users can easily get acquitted with your services, and the rest is assured. 

Examples of Modern Web APP Design in 2022

For understanding the modern technologies of web app design in 2022 better. We will go through some of the most popular websites that have used the latest web design technology. Let’s go through some of the examples:

  • Settled

Modern web app design settled

Settled is one of the most popular websites wherein you can buy your desired property with just a single click. The user interface of Settled is the best. It has a calming and efficient layout. The color palette of the website matches the personality of the web app. Lastly, its navigation is simplified as per the convenience of the user. Now when it comes to the latest technologies used in the web app, Illustrations is the ongoing web development trend and the website of Settled has managed to create an eye-catching graphic website for its audience. 

  • Blinklist

Modern web app design blinklist

The next best web app design example is the website of Blinklist. Blinklist is a book summarizing subscription service that is based in Germany. It also helps in assisting individuals to include new and relevant concepts into their daily lives. The sleek and minimalistic design of the website focuses on the main parts of the platform. The colors used by the website are highly creative and unique. Most of all, the accessible and responsive website is sure to satisfy any customer. 

  • Doordash

Modern web app design doordash

Doordash is a popular technology company that helps individuals to discover the finest locations of their town. They have helped many people to know about nearby restaurants, cafes, diners, etc. with aesthetically appealing fonts and color palettes, the Doordash website comes with a unique user interface. Thus, the website, on the whole, has an appealing impact on the audience who are looking to unravel their taste buds and can discover the best options by going through the website.

  • Cargo one

cargo one

Another popular website is the Cargo one. It is a digital platform that enables freight forwarders to find, compare and book any number of the same across airlines. The website is effective and easy to browse. The layout of the Cargo one website provides only relevant information to their audience and they manage to overwhelm them with too much of the same. Overall, the user interface of the website reflects the product they want to present to the audience and nothing more. 

  • Remote. OK

remot ok

Founded in the year 2015, the Remote. ok is the most popular remote job board in the world. It is a trusted company by Amazon, Microsoft, Stripe, etc., and remote workers. The layout of the website allows the users to find the most suitable jobs. The website is highly responsive and loads with ease. The unique design of the website eliminates, organizes, arranges, and delivers only the required information to its audience. This helps the users save time and energy. Finally, the layout of the website is highly interactive yet simple. 


On the whole, these are some of the recent examples of modern web design in 2022. From the above examples of web-app design, we can conclude that web designing is the most important factor that decides the future of a company. With popular web development specialists like TRD studios incorporating the latest web development technologies, the companies can predict their future.

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