Mumbai's Encounter with Cyclone Nisarga

2020 unlocked the doors to life threatening calamities and pandemics. Over 2,00,000 positive cases India is battling an invisible power. India’s COVID-19 Epicentre, Mumbai had to fight another aggressive blow by nature.

The cyclone Nisarga registered a severity of 2 on a scale of 5.

A duration of three hours made them count time and long for absolute silence and want to feel the winds just breeze softly on their faces like ever.

Cyclone Nisarga uprooted 196 trees, that could block the daily way of life and disturbed the natural shelters and beauty of the city.

The wind blew away the roofs and hopes of many. Nine places witnessed the collapse of house portions.

The Red-alert did save the lives of people, but battling the damage is still heart wrenching.

It’s a span of two weeks and India had been through two life tossing cyclones.

Are we too optimistic to expect something better for the rest of the year?

Is it a high time to brace ourselves and be prepared for the worst to come?

Irrespective Of The Future Outcomes, We Salute All The Warriors Who Are Undergoing This Turmoil Yet Standing Still With Confidence And Hope.

The Wound Today,
Can Turn To A Scar That
Speaks Out Your Strength

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