Myths and Keys to Multilateralism

COVID 19 is the worst pandemic anyone has seen ever since the Spanish Flu in 1914. Influenza was the last outbreak before COVID 19. The adverse effects of this pandemic can be seen clearly when half of the global economy has no legs to walk. The only snag in the world’s globalization now is this disease that has no vaccine at all, which, in turn, is leading to the most dangerous geopolitical confrontation since 1991, i.e., after the Cold War. 

Just in a few weeks this vicious pandemic has affected and stopped one third portion of the global economy. This economic break is the largest economic shock after the Great Depression and needs to be repaired while we have time. To mend this broken economy, nations have to come together and form alliances. This, however, is not possible with the US and China standing at opposite edges. A global leader will have to be chosen from somewhere else rather than from Washington DC or Beijing. 

To actually form alliances to fight this pandemic, the first and foremost thing is to burst the myths. 

  1. Myth #1: The first fallacy is that COVID 19 is a black swan that was way too sudden to be prepared for it. The fact is that epidemiologists like Michael Osterholm and public health advocate Bill Gates have warned the world about such pandemic outbreak years ago. They have already conveyed the risks that can be posed by influenza and corona. The worst surprise that awaits us is, COVID 19 pandemic is just a rehearsal of more such pandemics that can occur due to global warming and global destruction. 
  2. Myth #2: The second myth that we encounter is that COVID 19 has proliferated by globalisation. Well, to be honest, air travel has spread COVID  faster than any other travel method because people flew from country to country via plane and successfully transmitted this pandemic to their own country. On the other hand, globalization has also influenced the demand of information, medicine, technology all over the world. This will help us not only to fight against COVID but also other collective threats. Moreover, as a result of globalization the genome of novel coronavirus was made available within 2 months of the outbreak. Never have we seen such collaboration of so many countries on any project. 
  3. Myth #3: The third myth or fallacy that we encounter is that we have adequate tools to see through the crisis. Whereas, the truth is that on international platforms these tools can cure only a fraction of the population which is definitely not enough. Unless we enhance the working criteria of health organizations like WHO and start acting at individual levels as well, our expectations will never be fulfilled. 

The steps we can follow to achieve our goals are as follows. First of all, the alliances that are to be formed should have peaceful intentions. We cannot afford any world war at this time. 

Secondly, we need leadership that can work on all levels. Not just the upper one. Orders will pass down but no work can be done and this will be fruitless. 

Thirdly, a systematic procedure of transfer of COVID 19 vaccine is to be planned so that people of all classes can get the advantage. This will make the population believe in the allies.

Fourthly, the united cooperation is the most important weapon to achieve economic stability. Well planned drafts from the international monetary fund should be followed. 

Lastly, awareness to keep nature happy should be inculcated in humans as common sense. If any other outbreak occurs because of the destruction of nature, no human will be able to survive it. The least we can do to achieve this is to decrease deforestation , increase afforestation, decrease global warming etc. We can do all this for our upcoming generations. 

The costs we are paying for our ill deeds are already stabbing our economy. It is best to conserve rather than keep wasting whatever nature is providing us. 

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