The Premise:

Growing up most people lose their creativity to the realities of life- earning a livelihood, handling expectations, managing growing responsibilities etc. In India, we all know of numerous stories of talents leaving their passion behind and trying to get a ‘real’ job. We all know of many such ‘growing up’ stories. But the unanswered questions at the root of this societal construct that we don’t delve into are- Are we creating a generation that would bring in innovation and different perspective to the world? Or in our quest to ‘succeed and survive’ we are killing our inner curious, nonconformist selves?

As we reflected more on this, we drew a lot of insights from our personal experience. The communities we are associated with also helped us identify a very obvious gap around us. We realized the biggest obstacle creators- designers, communicators, story tellers- face in letting their creativity shine is financial security.

The Solution:

Based on the insights we gathered talking to a diverse pool of creators, we narrowed down the gap/ challenge into the following-

1.       Financial Security- Most people mentioned that the income they receive in the creative fields is sporadic and far between. This inconsistency becomes an obstacle in their overall growth.

2.       Too much noise in the market- Several people mentioned that since there are too many people claiming to be experts, people in need of these services are facing the issue of making the correct choice.

3.       Lack of support from Family and Friends- Putting this in perspective, we realized that our solution must address social, economic and business challenges. We also realized that the solution will have multiple groups of people as audience/stakeholders.

We have come up with a multi-pronged solution for the gap we recognized. On one hand, we are creating a platform where creators of all types can get together, collaborate and build solutions that solve real life challenges. On the other hand,  we are connecting these creators with organizations in need of high-quality, original design work. We are further getting the community fully equipped to create solutions that address real life challenges and add value to the world based on the basic principles of Design Thinking. These facets collectively are creating growing and developing ecosystem.

The Business:

Shaping the solution into a viable business model led us to the inception of TRD Studios. TRD Studios is a one stop shop for all your Design needs. Our services include Service Design, System Design, Process Design, Communication Design, Product Design and overall Business Design. With the vision of creating a pool of design solutions to all challenges that a business faces these days, we take a time-tested 5 step approach to communicate your brand story to your target audience.

At TRD Studios, we are creating a platform where credible creators can showcase their work by collaborating with us, grow their brands by connecting with businesses through us or connect, collaborate and co-create solutions with other creators in the community.

Through TRD Studios, we are trying to create a network of interdependent individuals and brands with a common goal- Innovation and Growth.

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