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PHP is a widely used technology for web development that accounts for most websites online. Even so, the developer community has given mixed reactions to the technology. Web development specialists at lifecycle development companies like TRD studios prefer to use PHP frameworks for developing websites. There are various types of PHP frameworks available in 2022. Let’s discuss some of the frameworks that can be used for web development. 

PHP frameworks for web development 2022

For web development to succeed, you need to choose the proper PHP framework. Following are different types of PHP frameworks in 2022:

  • Laravel


Laravel is known as one of the best PHP frameworks for web development. It is a good tool that can be used to customize complicated web development projects. It’s the best choice when it comes to sophisticated back-end needs. It also helps in customizing the most complex programs. Most of all, this PHP framework is highly expressive and helps construct corporate websites. Companies like BBC, Pfizer, Tour radar, etc., use the Laravel framework for their websites.

  • Codeigniter

Web Development codeigniter

Codeigniter is a lightweight PHP framework designed for developers who prefer simple tools for web development. It can be used with ease and comes with well-illustrated instructions. MVC designs, effective error handling, excellent security tools, and easy documentation are some of the highlights of this PHP framework. Its performance is speedier compared to other frameworks like Laravel and Symfony. The solid performance of Codeigniter makes it ideal for lightweight apps and small servers. Udemy, Medical Guardian, Quin street, and Abode are examples. 

  • Symfony


Released in the year 2005, Symfony is a solid and mature platform. It is a modular component-based framework with great flexibility. Symfony is an ideal tool for large-scale corporate web applications. It offers reliable and adaptable debugging and makes the process of debugging simple. The deployment of the PHP framework is easy with just a click. Moreover, the setup and configuration are easy. Some of the projects in which Symfony is used are; Open sky, eZ publish, and Drupal8.

  • Laminas

laminas mvc

Laminas is a successor of Zend’s framework. It comes as a component-based design popularly known as the glue framework. Also, this PHP framework is object-oriented and an MVC-based framework. The Laminas integrates external libraries with MVC architecture, and it can be used at any time with fewer interdependencies. The PHP framework is flexible and has a memory and a file system. 

  • Phalcon


The Phalcon PHP framework development style is based on C and C++. Moreover, it stands out among other frameworks. It is straightforward to set up and ideal for building highly flexible web apps based on corporate development rules. It has increased the universal autoloader. It helps enhance the speed of the performance by optimal memory use. For a lightning-fast website, Phalcon is the best choice. Proshore, urban sports club, and Edureka are some of the examples.

  • Cake PHP

Web Development cake php

Cake PHP helps in creating aesthetically appealing and feature-rich websites. It is one of the most simple PHP frameworks to learn. It consists of a vast library with complete collections of valuable components. This PHP framework only requires a simple web server and a copy of the framework. It is an excellent choice for business applications because it has some of the best security features like SQL injection prevention, input validation, and XSS. The Cake PHP offers a documentation facility and various help sites for the developers. Turner and Townsend, In sync solutions, are some of the examples.

  • YII

Web Development yii frame work

Yes, It s, or YII is an evolutionary yet straightforward PHP framework with excellent speed and performance. Its extensive security features make it ideal for online applications like e-commerce, CMS, Forums, etc. The YII framework is fast, adaptable, and helps developers avoid SQL queries. Since the PHP framework is developed by a core developer team and other specialists, the developer can submit their queries in the YII forum and avail complete support from a large community. Examples of websites used by YII are General Electric, Deloitte, etc.

  • Zend

Web Development zend framework

The Zend is an object-oriented framework that comes with features like Inheritance and interfaces. It helps developers to offer high-quality apps to business-oriented customers. This framework is ideal for sophisticated and enterprise-level apps. One of the unique features of the framework is that it can work with external libraries, unlike other frameworks. 

  • Fuel PHP

Web Development fuel php

Fuel PHP is a full-featured framework that comes with an MVC framework. It is extremely flexible and adaptable. It helps the developers to create end-to-end applications of different sizes and complexities. The security of the Fuel PHP framework is beyond the standard security measures and helps secure your project. 

  • Pixie 

Web Development pixie php

The Pixie PHP is a fully optimized framework that can build high-performance online apps. It provides HMVC or Hierarchical Model view controllers, making separate components. This PHP framework is simple to learn and implement. The routing scheme is highly impressive. 


On the whole, these are some of the top PHP frameworks that can be used in 2022 for web development. With the help of these frameworks and leading web development specialists like TRD studios, the future of web development is well defined.

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