Interaction Design for different Interface

The interface design has gained immense importance. The emerging of new products and services has made interaction between the end-user and the interface easy by interaction design. Interaction design is a visual representation. How to design each element is there right in front of us. It focuses on making life simpler and easier.


The term interactive design sums up its function. It is the designing of interactive products and services. The interactive design focuses on the ways the users are to interact with the products or services. Interaction design creates attractive web interfaces by having a thorough knowledge of the customer’s demands and limitations. Interaction design is relevant in today’s world. Communication between humans and machines should be understood. It is designed by keeping in mind how interactions would happen or what is happening or how the end-users, use the application.


A good interface makes the interaction of the product or services with the end-user easier. For a Better interaction, there is a need for a good interface. People often tend to leave the site or place if they don’t understand how the particular interface works. The size of the interface may vary. The design should be perfect so that when a website is opened on a mobile phone instead of a pc, it should still be convenient.

There are types of interface
  • Command Line Interface
  • Menu-driven Interface
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Touchscreen Graphical User Interface
Command Line Interface
The command-line interface requires you to type appropriate instructions, then the commands become available from retrieving files or running programs.
Menu-Driven Interface
There would be a list or menu of the commands or options. They provide a wide range of options to choose from according to the user. The best example for the menu-driven interface is ATM where all the options are available as a menu to choose from. It is a very good option for interaction design.
Graphical User Interface

Have you used a mouse or a pointer?

The graphical user interface is exactly that. The usage of a mouse or a trackpad to interact with the interface.

Touchscreen Graphical User Interface

The term implies how to use the interface. It is similar to the graphical user interface. To perform tasks or to select icons, it uses a touchscreen instead of a trackpad or mouse. It is a familiar user interface. Smartphones, tablets, even ATM machines are operated with some touch. It is a very convenient idea of interaction design.


A web design simply means the designing of web pages or websites. It is a communication between the end-user and the interface. A web design includes web graphic design, user interface design, user experience design, search engine optimization, etc. It merges skill and maintenance of web design for good communication with the users.


App design simply means designing applications. It is commonly used in mobile phone applications. Usually, end users want access to these applications quickly. App design also includes font, size, color, and other visually attractive factors that should be convenient too. People tend to leave an application or uninstall them the very first time when they use it. This means that the interaction design is not good. The interaction between the user and the app is important. apps should be designed in a way that is easier to use. People often tend to use mobile applications to buy tickets or products or location purposes.


Product design is used to blend the needs of the users with the brands that sell products. The end-use should be comfortable while looking for the product.

There are three types of product designs

  • System Design
  • Process Design
  • Interface Design

A product design would focus on the user experience and how the product achieves the goals. An interaction design focuses on interaction within the product.

Web Design vs App design vs Product design

While designing, there are necessary things to remember because the designs vary from one another. Let’s see the difference between web design, app design, and product design.

Key points to keep in mind

  • Screen-size

The screen size of each interface is different. If it’s a web design you can add heavy graphics and load with necessary information. But in an app design that is usually used in smartphones, it is not convenient. For example, while accessing a website, it is easier to access via a pc whereas it is difficult to access on smartphones. So an interaction design is a key, where the interaction between the user and the interface should be easy.

  • Slow processors

Smartphones require a simple layout as they have slower processors compared to computers. So while designing a website processor’s speed should be kept in mind.

  • The usage of mouse, trackpad, or touch

While designing a web, app, or product, remember that each interface uses a different mode to interact. Websites are mostly common in computers, they might use a mouse or trackpad to communicate, but for apps in smartphones, it uses a touch of fingers to communicate. Each design should make it user-friendly.

  • Graphics and images

Graphics and images and fonts are attractive. For better interaction, Interaction design should merge with the user experience. Graphics and images can be loaded while web design but in an app design, it is less compared to computers.

With the increasing usage of the internet, And the arrival of global pandemics have only accelerated this process of the digital world, there is a need for the interaction design to master. Making it user-friendly is the key to interaction design. Entertaining the users with the best designs and creating questionnaires and using glass morphism have become trends of 2021.

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