Interaction Design Trends 2021
Interaction design trends focus on creating aesthetic qualities for the users. All these popular trends might change from year to year, but there are some which are trending for years and might even stay for a longer period because of the convenience that it’s giving to the users. Communication between humans and machines should be understood as it is designed by keeping in mind how interactions would happen or what is happening or how the end-users use the application.
Let’s see the interaction design trends of 2021
  • Making it comfortable for users

Comfort is what everyone is looking for.

Communication styles were mostly formal while making websites. But now it has changed the trend into more informal wordings and makes the user stay in it.

It creates a platform for the user to be comfortable and at ease. A little bit of humour would make the interaction more enjoyable.

  • Increase in the use of voice commands 

Voice commands are being used to interact and search for information. They provide the best experience for the users. voice commands make it easier for them to interact. Voice search option is among the digital trends of 2021. The interface records your voice and gives you the wanted result. The google translator or search engine is enough to understand how voice commands are useful for interaction between users.

  • Gamification

Gamification is used in many websites and applications is a great way of keeping the user engaged. It is an interaction between the user and the interface. It would increase the curiosity of the users to be engrossed in it.

  • Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Artificial Intelligence is an important part. It makes the interaction more easy and convenient. Many interfaces are being introduced with Artificial Intelligence to make them easier for the end-users. Artificial intelligence helps specially-abled users too. Facial recognition, language translation etc helps in merging the gap between humans and interface. Many companies are opting for Artificial Intelligence in all their fields. It is a trend of 2021. More acceptance of Artificial Intelligence would shape the interaction designing.

  • Simplification

Clear all the clutter and make it simple.

The end users might not be happy when they see information loaded on sites or applications. In this busy world, they want it to be designed in a way that could be easier to grasp and the function should be convenient. Many designers are focusing on simplification. They are trying new ways to attract and make users comfortable. People want only the necessary information in the simplest form possible. Filling too many columns would make the customers frustrated. So maybe they can use an alternative way of signing in.

  • Icons
Icons are an efficient tool that helps the interaction become easier. It is a tool of visual communication. Icons instead of words would be easy to grasp and more likely to be seen by the users. The right usage of icons at the right place would be just some clicks and taps away. It also takes less space than words making space for the necessary content.
App Design Trend
  • Visually convenient

App design should be visually convenient. Being attractive is important, but it should be user friendly. Applications are mostly used in smartphones, which makes it a bit difficult to compare the size and processor with the computers. App designers should make the user fall for these designs. Using beautiful colours would make the user glued to the application a bit more.

  • Swipe as much as you like

Applications are being used more in mobile phones, its key feature is swiping. It is an advantage. This feature can be utilised to take the application to a next level by the app designers. Swiping is quick, easy and fun to play with. Adding some animations, graphics or tiny features in beautiful fonts might keep the users engaged.

  • Nuemorphism

Nuemorphism is a new term for new skeuomorphism. This feature is mostly used for icons and buttons creating a new look. It gives a more realistic look to these icons and buttons.

Web Design Trends of 2021
  • Dark mode

The dark mode is a user-friendly function. It is the trend of 2021. As more people want the screen to be set in dark mode. It has many advantages to it, as it wouldn’t cause strain and are loved by many. It also helps the other functions to be highlighted making it easy for the users to identify.

  • Comfortable colours

Comfort to the eyes is a key feature. Colours have emotions in them. Each colour indicates or conveys some message. Usage of colour should always be kept in mind. Soft colours give more comfort than vibrant colours. It makes the interaction convenient.

  • Questionnaires

Questionnaires make the interaction between end-users easier. Keeping a questionnaire would keep the users engrossed in it. While answering these questions, helps in clearing the doubts of the users. It is the best form of interaction design.

Product Design Trends of 2021
  • Glass morphism

Glass Morphism, the term in itself gives the description, that is, it gives a glass-like effect. Just imagine the notifications that pop up, they give a blurry image of the background, isn’t it? , that is because of glass morphism in the notification. They are transparent . Glass morphism is also used on dark or light coloured on vibrant backgrounds.

  • Emoji design

Emojis are used a lot. For everything from text messages to reactions, emojis are used. Emojis change with context. Emojis express better than words. That’s why many brands use emojis as a feedback option. They are a good interaction tool in interaction design.

  • Soft gradients

Gradients are a blend of colours. You can blend several shades as per your likes. It can be bold and vibrant to soft and light gradients. A famous example of a gradient is the Instagram logo. It is a vibrant mix of colours.  But many users are not into vibrant colours. They love soft gradients. That’s why it is trending.  Choosing the right colour would make the users enjoy it.

Amid the global pandemic, the digital world has grown drastically, with increased usage of applications and websites. This in a way creates a greater demand for interaction designs to be better. All these trends help the users finish their work rapidly and efficiently as possible.

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